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You get a new(?) camera. You work on it. You get it working. You're ready to give it a good test... You get snowed in... What do you do?

You point it out the window and take some shots ;-)

Here's a couple of views of the recent snow, taken with my 'new" Super Speed Graphic camera. It still needs a few minor adjustments and some TLC, but it's working just fine...

A view of the old barn, and a lot of white! Canandaigua Lake © 1999-2001
Here's the road, almost. It will be a road as soon as that plow finishes it's job. Yes, that blur is the plow going by. I never thought of how slow 1/15 of a second was compared to the speed of the plow ;-) Canandaigua Lake © 1999-2001
And here's the plow finishing the road going back in the other direction. At least the road is visible i this shot.

All three shots were at 1/15 second at f-22 (I think) on Polaroid PolaPan 100 film, ISO 100. Using the Super Speed graphic and it's Rodenstock 135 f-4.5 lens in Gralfex 1000 shutter. Handheld! focusing with the rangefinder.

Canandaigua Lake © 1999-2001


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