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Historical maps of South Bristol, NY
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Bristol Mountain/ Worden Hill/ South Hill Road, South Bristol in 1940 or so. But now with the proposed wind mill farm plot. It's approximate because I couldn't do exact dimensioning as I can on the topo map, but I can't place the topo on the web site... It's pretty close though and does show the expanse of destruction to mountain! The entire area in the central box will be clear-cut, leveled, destroyed and planted with 300 foot illuminated towers. Click on the map for a much larger size that you can print out and share with friends!

We now have a beautiful topo map of SB and the 3 wind mill farms located on the Wind Mill page!

South Bristol 1940 with proposed wind mill farm!
Ontario County.

This map is from around 1840 I believe. This is not a great map, but early ones are hard to find. Click on the image at right for the ful size version (250K).

South Bristol Map of 1840 © 1999-2001
The town of South Bristol in 1875.

This is a great map with fine detail. Click on the map at right to get the full sized version (approx. 480K)

South Bristol Map of 1875 © 1999-2001
A map of the entire Ontario purchase by Phelp & Gorham in 1794.

Another great map. Click on the image at right for the full 467K picture. South Bristol is roughly in the middle of section s#8 & #7 at the Southern end of Canandaigua Lake.
Ontario Purchase of 1794 © 1999-2001
This is a current map of South Bristol. Until I find a better one, it will do... Click on the pic at right for the full image (127K).
Here's an interesting view of South Bristol. A satellite view from the USGS. Just about in the middle-top, the Bristol Mountain Ski resort can be seen taking over the mountain. In-line from that, straight down about 2/3 of the way is the 'center' of our town, with Canandaigua Lake on the right side... Click on the map for the full sized version at 107K.

We are always looking for more historical information about South Bristol, the surrounding areas and Ontario County. If you have any information to share, please let us know!

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