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A highly political and opinionated comment on Kodak!

Fine print: This is just a voicing of my angry opinion and does NOT reflect the opinion of anyone else at all.

Kodak (of Rochester, NY, USA) has once again announced that it is moving yet more production out of the US and into Mexico and China. It says the reason is dropping film usage by consumers. I say BULL! They are simply moving production into countries with no minimum wage where they can pay employees 25 cents an hour with no benefits to boost their stock dividend. A bunch of corporate bean counters with no loyalty to the American workers who made Kodak in the first place!

I am writing this for a few reasons. I have been involved in photography for better than 40 years. I have always felt a loyalty to Kodak for what they've done for photography and the American worker. I now live in the shadow of Kodak and may even find myself unemployed soon (no, I don't work for them). I have always gone out of my way to buy Kodak photo products for these reasons. But where is Kodak's loyalty to us? Why should I buy a product from Kodak that is made in China (no disrespect meant to China!)? If I have to buy a product made in another country, I can easily buy from Ilford, Fuji or many other well respected companies that produce products as good or better than Kodaks!

And what about all those people who will be unemployed because of Kodak's actions to raise their dividends? SIX THOUSAND this time alone! Where will they work? When I become unemployed, how will the job market be with the addition of these 6000 people Kodak has forced into ruin?

We are right now in a time of war. Maybe not declared by Congress, but definitely declared by the President and our government in general. In my opinion, action like Kodaks should be prosecuted as treason! In this time or war, they are helping the enemy by bringing down our economy and forcing people into bankruptcy! No terrorist could accomplish that!

And no, it's not just Kodak. Far too many corporations are doing exactly the same thing. I'm just picking on Kodak for the above reasons. It's about time our government took steps to stop this. To hell with fair trade agreements when our citizens are forced to work multiple jobs just to pay the bills, lose all their health benefits and retirements, and live in constant stress not knowing how the future will be. Terrorists have to take no action against the US; corporations are doing the work for them!

No thank you Kodak. I won't be purchasing any of your non-USA made products; film, chemicals, digital, whatever! Keep it! If I now have to buy products made outside the USA, I'll buy from companies that care about their employees!

All this is just my angry opinion cause by corporate America and in no way reflects the opinion of anyone else at all. At least in the USA, we can still partially offer a free opinion, but that will most probably soon change!

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