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Photographic Links and Resources
Used & new equipment dealers

Note: This is an old list and I haven't had the time to keep it updated. Most links are still good and I recently checked many and removed quite a few. Who has the time...

I don't have descriptions next to every dealer here, mostly because I haven't dealt with them. That doesn't make them any worse than the ones I have dealt with. In the used market, it all depends on who has what I'm looking for at that time... Where I do have a comment or experience with a dealer, I have added it to the right of the link. For those without comment, I found them searching for used equipment and thought they were worthy of bookmarking and checking back with. No dealer here is being recommended! I mention my experiences, but that can vary with individuals. I have heard complaints about some of these dealers, but I have never had a problem with them. I can only speak for myself here... If (or when) I do have a problem, I'll simply remove the link ;-) To my knowledge and experience, all the links listed here are worth checking into for what they offer... It took me quite a while searching the internet to find reputable dealers that offered quality used equipment, so I thought I would save someone else the time by listing them here...

Message forums for direct contact with other users of photo gear and processes.
The graflex.org helpboard The graflex.org helpboard is the place for info about Graflex/Graphic cameras and LF photography!
The Graflexchange The Graflexchange is the only sell/buy/trade forum dedicated to Graflex/Graphic/Folmer & Schwing camera equipment and accessories. If you want a Speed/Crown graphic, or a part to repair yours, or want to find just the right home for your old Graphic, this is the place to go.
The Large Format Photography forum The Large Format Photography forum is a great place for talking about LF cameras and equipment. Most folks are nice and range from begginner to advanced users. They have new forum software and things are changing. Run by digi-heads so don't say anything nasty about digital!

My 'prefered' used equipment dealers.
Cameras and used cameras available from KEH Camera Brokers.
KEH is "the largest" used camera retailer around and I have used their services far more than I should have ;-) They have always been reliable, prompt and fair. Not always the best price around, but always fair...
Pacific Rim Camera : Home Page
Pacific Rim doesn't have on-line ordering, but they're a good company to deal with and do take credit cards. I've ordered from them several times and have been very well pleased.
Midwest Photo Exchange
A great place to deal with. Huge selection of large format stuff... Knowledgable and helpful. No on-line ordering, but worth the call!
Brooklyn Camera Exchange Buying and selling used cameras and photographic equipment. A great place for stuff that can't be found other places, and at great prices.
Finger Lakes Photo Books. Finger Lakes Photo Outfitters. A great place for out of print manuals, magazines, books, instructions, etc. They also carry some new gear including the only US source I know of for Berlebach wood tripods! I doubt there's anything my 2042 wouldn't hold up!
These dealers I have not done business with (yet) They all have a good reputation and I have only not dealt with them because they haven't had what I was looking for in the used equipment...
Adorama, Inc.
Slow to ship, but good results otherwise...

Kenmore Camera
This looks like it would be a good resource, but they load the main page with huge graphics. With a dial-up connection, I just can't bring myself to sit there for 15 minutes to wait for the menu to finally show up...
Tempe Camera Repair - Used Photographic Equipment
These are primarily new equipment dealers.
B&H Photo, Video, Spotting Scopes & Telescopes
I've dealt quite a bit with B&H for film and new parts (filters, lenses, accessories, ect). Never had a problem and always prompt. They now have their used equipment available on-line!
Calumet Photo

Calumet is a great plce for large format equipment and accessories including darkroom, chemicals, films & paper. Plus they have on-line ordering.
Badger Graphic Badger is a good supplier for large format and accessories.
Freestyle Photographic Supplies Freestyle is a great place for LF film, paper, chemical and accessories. Good prices and on-line ordering.
Unique Photo, Inc. I have recently ordered from Unique Photo, Inc. and had good results. They deal primarily in new products, but have a great selection, on-liine ordering with good prices and are quick to respond to e-mails.
The ViewCamera Store The ViewCamera Store is, well, a store for view cameras ;-) Nice place amd great people to deal with!
Specialty dealers.....
Craig Camera Home Page
Repair manuals and instruction book reprints. A great resource for the used marketeer.
Finger Lakes Photo Books. Finger Lakes Photo Outfitters. A great place for out of print manuals, magazines, books, instructions, etc. They also carry some new gear including the only US source I know of for Berleback wood tripods!
Chicago Albumen Works Chicago Albumen Works Nomore great Centennial Printing Out Paper thanks to Ilford...
Bostick & Sullivan Bostick & Sullivan offers alternative photographic materials, equipment, chemicals, paper & info. Plus on-line ordering.
film for subminiature cameras - GOATHILL PHOTO
Cut film strips to reload subminiature cameras. Hard to find anywhere else!
Itin Scale - AND Scale Products
Many photographers mix their own chemicals and a good scale is invaluable. Find one here.
SKGrimes SK Grimes is the premier shop for shutter repair, lens mounting, lens/shutter CLA, flanges and custom machine work.
Micro-Mark Micro-Mark, The Small Tool Specialists

I just recieved my first order from Micro-Mark and am pleased. I needed #1 and #2 machine screws of various lengths. Impossible to find. They have them in various sizes down to #0. Plus a multitude of tools and equipment for working on small things. Not a camera shop, but what they have is awfully useful and very difficult to find other places.

A huge assortment of tools especially for camera repair (or many other hobbies). They also have a good selection of restoration supplies such as bellows material and light trap (foam strips) material. Plus the paints and adhesives. Free catalog and on-line ordering.
Micro Fasteners Micro Fasteners has a great selection of tiny machine, wood and metal screw. Plus taps & dies and other useful stuff. Finally a place to get thos tiny screws all our old equipment needs!
Main Photo & Imaging Service
One of the few certified resources for Agfa Scala B&W slide development. (They do film processing!)
Film for Classics
A company just about in my back yard, or a country mile away... They supply film in quite an assortment of the old sizes such as 620...
PARAMOUNT SYNC CORDS The place to go for special flash synch cords. Even custrom made ones.
The place to buy developing chemicals for standard or alternative processes. And now has on-line ordering.
Photography Info
The library of Kodak publications WAS a
comprehensive repository of information,
including manuals, "how-to" guides,
photography tips and techniques, technical
bulletins, and more. There's still some useful info there...
Rockaloid Rockaloid
Modern tintypes and other interesting products!
ACE Index: Used Cameras and Collectible Photo Equipment Dealers with Online Inventories, Page 1
A huge index of used equipment dealers worth checking out.
Camera reviews at Photography REVIEW User reviews on all types of camera equipment.
The Sub Club
Into sub-miniature cameras? You have to visit this site!
Great large format instant films. Go here for info and film spec sheets in the support area.
An interesting program for 'f' calculations, and free.
Was a great magazine dedicated to large format and view cameras. No longer published...
The Massive Dev Chart Huge listing of films, developers and corrosponding times.
More towards my cameras ;-)
The Minolta XK SLR Camera - Index Page
A great resource for owners of the Minolta XK line.
Minolta Users Group The USA site of the Minolta Users Group. A lot of info on the classic Minolta cameras and worth visiting.
A large format photography home page
Same for large format... With the best message board for LF users, except got Graphic users who whould visit graflex.org.
Speed Graphics, Large Format Photography, and More. A lot of info about Graflex equipment, articles plus an on-line bulletin board for questions & answers.
Mamiya RB67 Pro SD Series
And if you're interested in the newest, here's the link to Mamiya's new RB67 Pro-SD, my next 'new' camera.
Welcome to Sekonic
A link to Sekonic, a great manufacturer of light meters. I add the link because they have manuals and other info on-line.
Not quite photographic...
Weasner's Mighty ETX Site
Weasner's site is the ultimate resource for Meade ETX telescope owners (of which I am). Everything you could ever want to know and sections to ask if the answer isn't already there. Reviews, specs, info, astrophotography, etc...

Since this is my own private site and I provide completely free advertisement for the dealers I think deserve it and use myself, I can also provide some opinions on dealers that I do not believe to be worthwhile... So here goes...

I have recently ordered from Pittsburgh Camera Exchange in Pittsburgh, PA. They do have a decent assortment of used stuff and sometimes at reasonable prices. But they have problems... First, they offer multiple identical items on their site at different prices. If you order the less expensive item, the most expensive item is placed in your shopping cart! It took me two phone calls and e-mails to straighten this out on my order! Second, the descriptions of the items are not good. Worse, the pictures accompanying these items are sometimes far from correct. I ordered one such item, going by the picture since I was unfamiliar with the model. What they sent me was correct by the model, but nothing at all like the picture. Which brings us to the third problem. Returns... I have been waiting over a week to hear from these people. Nothing... By the end of this week, I will dispute my credit card charge and let them worry about it... I can not possibly recommend this company to any one. If they have something you just have to have, call them on the phone. Verify, verify, verify and then double check when the order arrives!!! Their web site is located at http://www.pghcamex.com/, not to go there but just to alleviate any possible confusion...

This has finally been resolved, but not until I wrote to the apparent owner of PCE which is Bernies Photo Center. Apparently they use quite a few names, especially on ebay! Why???

If you have any suggestions for other sites, just let me know...
And if you happen to have a Century Universal, Speed Graphic, Graphic View II or any Minolta XK or Mamiya C330 equipment laying around that you'd like to get rid of, let me know too! ;-)

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