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Other Places to Visit

Hitsorical links on the History Page.

The Town of South Bristol Official Web Site Visit the official web site of the Town of South Bristol for the latest news, info and communications to our Town emplyees and representatives.
The Town of Bristol Official Web Site Our neighbors to the North, the Town of Bristol has a wonderful web site full of information, history and a message board.
Prattsburgh town and windmill farm info For those interested: These companies have not given up! They are already attacking Bristol, Prattsburg and Italy (and other nearby towns!). For the Prattsburgh area, please see this web site:
for some great information and insight into what these companies are trying to do to our areas and towns.

Writers & Books
at the Gell Center
Writers & Books
At the Gell Center in South Bristol.
They have workshops, special events and other functions geared towards writing and the arts.
The Wizard of Clay
More than a 'wizard'! The pottery creations found here are dazzling. Beyond that, usefull and affordable! Everything from works of art to lamps, dishes, pots, shaving mugs, cups, bowls, and far too much to mention here. If you've never been to see the Wizard, you just don't know what you're missing!
Ontario County Tourism Bureau
The Ontario County Tourism Bureau web site lists events, attractions, restaurants, accomidations, antique shops and a whole lot more about Ontario County.
The Rochester Museum and Science Center
Well, we all go to the 'big city' now and then, and this is a deffinite place to visit with or without kids!

Cumming Nature Center
Right here in South Bristol, a great place to visit. Trails, special events, gift shop and cafeteria. A wonderful place to just take a walk...
Part of the Rochester Museum and Science Center...
Arbor Hill Winery

Arbor Hill Commons
6461 Route 64
· Naples NY 14512
Great wines, accessories, cheese, gifts, pies, etc...

Naples Valley Naples is nestled in the glacier-made hills of Western New York State. Here, at the south end of Canandaigua Lake in Ontario County, is a plethora of out-door activities, accommodations, restaurants, shopping and natural beauty. From Ski-ing and boating, to hiking and fishing, to golfing and theater,
Naples has it all;
Come Visit today!
Bristol Valley Theater
Bristol Valley Theater

151 South Main Street
Naples, New York 14512

Box Office 716-374-6318
Administration 716-374-9032

The Acorn Inn

A 1795 Stagecoach Inn BED and BREAKFAST

Louis & Joan Clark welcome you to...

The Acorn Inn
A 1795 Stagecoach Inn BED and BREAKFAST

Located in the Finger Lakes Region of New York
4508 Route 64 South
Bristol Center, Canandaigua New York

Phone : (716)229-2834
(888) 245-4134
Fax : (716)229-5046


Fiasco Farms

A great place to visit for recipes, stories, photos, games and all kinds of neat stuff...


I will no longer have a link to or support this place! In my opinion, Ganondagan is a wasteland filled with sheep, controlled by a few lying, thieving, self-centered, egocentric a-holes who care less who they hurt or how they achieve their self-centered goals. My sympathies go out to the many wonderful volunteers who support the site. It is truly unfortunate that the volunteers either have no idea what the few controlling a-holes do with the money and how they attain it, or they simply don't care...

Rain Forest Action Netwrk Home Page The Rain Forest Action Network. The US may not own the rain forests, but many US companies act like they do and are destroying them and the people that do live there! You can help! And you thought Al Gore was an environmentalist? Hah!


Possum Lodge & Red Green Red Green
       (Our favorite vacation spot)

and DilaSoft V3 windows software for the automated control, unlimted data collection and analysis of dilatometer and high temperature viscometer instruments.

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