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Pacemaker Speed Graphic Views.

Just in time for the end of the leaf season, I get a 4x5 Pacemaker Speed Graphic... These are test shots with a Polaroid back using type 59 (color) and 52 (B&W) films. All were in the f16 to f22 range. Didn't keep track of shutter speed as usual... Too bad not much detail comes through these small pics, but the full scans are over a megabyte. A bit too large to display here...

I just added a 65mm Super Angulon f-8 lens to my system and thought I would take a shot for comparison to those below. I'll have to do the same with the 90, but it's quite a difference from the 135! You can also see how much the light falls off from the center. 4x5 coverage, but just barely... Still, a nice lens and it works just fine on both the Speed and Crown.
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The first shot with the 'standard' 135mm f4.7 Optar in a Graphic shutter...

© 1999-2001 South Bristol Views
Almost the same shot, but this time with a 10 inch Commercial Ektar f6.3 in an Ilex/Acme #4 shutter... This is a beautiful piece of glass, but the shutter is just huge!
© 1999-2001 South Bristol Views
Same 10 inch Ektar shot but with type 52 B&W film. Type 52 has much more resolution...
© 1999-2001 South Bristol Views
Back to type 59. Now with a 90mm f6.8 Raptar Wide Angle in a Rapax (by Wollensak) shutter. This was much more impressive in person... But the camera/film did a decent job shooting into the Sun... Notice the two white blobs at the bottom? They are the camera's rails! Have to figure out a way around this...
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Thanks for all the comments! However I have long since figured out to drop the bed to get the rails out of the photo ;-)
One of my favorite views. This shot hand held with the 90mm & type 59 film. Too bad I missed the leaves... And I even remember shutter speed of 25th at f16 1/3, don't know why?
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I was recently asked if I do 4x5 in anything but Polaroids. Yes, but it's new to me and my old darkroom isn't set back up yet. Here's a shot, same as above but with TMax 400 through the 135 Optar at f32 at maybe a 25th. A cloudy, hazy day...
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Flatbed scanned the negative at 1200dpi. There were some exposure and development problems, but they will be overcome with a bit of experience. Seems the developing tank slot glued itself to one edge of the negative and ruined a 1/4 inch or so... The other shot I took produced a beautiful negative to look at, but too dense to scan. The full 3 meg pic has much nicer detail of course but wouldn't be nice to post here...
Same shot, lens, time & place. Difference: Maco IR820 infrared film through an 87 filter. Yep, have to get exposure & development much better, but this is the first shot with the film!
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Okay, I just couldn't resist. The last full Moon on Howl-O-Ween for at least 19 years. Shot with the 360mm tele-xenar and type 52 at f16 for 15 seconds. Far from what I had hoped for, but has a 'painted' quality that is interesting.
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My first vertical shot on Type 59 & the Optar 135mm at ~f16. I didn't notice my shadow when setting up ;-) I took two more, minus me, and finally decided I liked the first best... Unfortunately, the bright red leaves in the tree just didn't come out, even in the succesive shot when boosting the contrast...
© 1999-2001 South Bristol Views
The Leonid meteor shower captured by the Speed Graphic on Type 52 film. Unfortunately, I didn't have any faster film available, but the bright ones showed up...
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I'm a sucker for Christmas trees... And I have found the practical limit to Type 59 film. This shot at f22 for DOF at 5 1/2 minutes is no better than the previous one at 3 minutes... But I still like it ;-) The tree lights are the only lighting for the photo.
XMas Bear © 1999-2002 South Bristol Views
Why? I don't know? From here I work, and spend too much time looking at this wall ;-) Then I thought, "There's an interesting photo". Maybe, maybe not... But it was fun and an exploration of the View II. I couldn't get directly in front of this space, so the camera had to be set for front/rear swing, tilt, shift and rise to get those boards even halfway straight and in focus. For me it was fun and worth it. For you, well... all you had to do was sit there and wait a few minutes for it to load after all ;-)
Wall & Lamp © 1999-2002 South Bristol Views

Shot on Polaroid Type 55 P/N for 8 seconds at f32 with a 135mm on the GVII.


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