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Some news...

We've added the Super Graphic Cam Designer Program (for windows) to the Graflex Manuals page.

We've finally gotten rid of the framed pages and the left side menu in favor of a CSS top menu. Navigation should be easier and things should look better. But with so many pages and links, something may have been missed. If you find something that doesn't work right, let me know.


There is absolutely no new news or announcements. I simply don't have the time or ambition to go searching for it and putting it up here. If there were any local interest at all, or maybe even some offer of help from any South Bristol residents, it might be different.....

But I do seem to be doing some reformatting and such. Go Figure...

Thanks to a policy change at DeLorme, we now have a beautiful topo map of South Bristol up, showing the 3 proposed wind mill farms. To see this map, go to the wind mill page and have a look...

Information about the old wind mill farm fight has been moved to it's own page.

Things we are currently looking for:

Historic places.
Scenic views
Places of general or specific interest.
Old maps and specific historic data about places and people.
History of the people, places and things that make South Bristol.

Current events for South Bristol activities

If you have any information you'd like to share or have events listed, let us know. We'll be more than happy to add links to other sites and post information about local activities and events.

We're not beyond posting other people's photographs either! If you own an historic home or barn or even a cemetery and don't want us taking it's picture, send us one either scanned through E-mail or by regular mail. If you want credit for the info, we'll make sure you get that too (you can stay anonymous if you'd like also)... If you have old historic (or not) pictures of South Bristol buildings, people or places and have no way to scan them into electronic format but would still like to share them with the rest of us, please contact us. We can scan the photographs and return them to you unharmed. This would be especially appreciated for places that no longer exist!

Since we already have links to local sites and businesses (more would be appreciated!), I see no reason why we couldn't also have advertisements for local businesses that do not have web sites. If you have a local business and would like some free advertising, get in touch with me. I'd be more than happy to create a page for that. Keep in mind that "short is sweet"! Something like the on-line links page where a paragraph does the job ;-)

You can send us an email .

Thanks for your help and support!


Please send your comments, suggestions or questions to Rich

Send us email  ;-)

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