How I found this site?

May be temporary, but a forum for information on Graflex and Graphic serial numbers and dates.
Date your Graphic and be happy ;-)

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How I found this site?

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I was grazing when I stumbled across an old link. I clicked on it (curiosity) and ended up here. This is the only place I found that still had "Not the serial number book list but" up and available to be viewed. Everywhere else it ever was, on or off, it's been deleted.
The link was from the Site Discussion forum:

Posted: 02:07-pm/07/06/05 By: Richs
"Another post reminded me of this...
Could we get some kind of link to the Graflexchange ??
I took a look at the "For Sale by" forum and saw it gets an incredible amount of reads. I then tried to post a message pointing folks to
the Graflexchange , but was notified that I didn't have the rights to post there. Okay, I figured that would be the case...So, if we can't arrange a real
link on the links page, could one of the moderators post a message in the 'for sale' forum???

I was interested in the idea of a Graflex-specific buy-sell-trade forum, since doesn't have one. It's very cool that this site exists and I feel it's badly needed. Thanks for letting me list my cameras. I hope their numbers can be added to the list, and somehow help expand our knowledge of the history of these cameras.
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