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Billy Canuck
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Spam alert

Post by Billy Canuck »

Hello Rich,
Looks like Graflexchange is receiving some spam. I found one in my private message box from "inwavioni" and there's another below in this forum from "ASningneenora".
Billy Canuck
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Post by ImageMaker »

Yep, I got two today -- couldn't find a way to forward them, so I just deleted them. Sounds like new members might need to be moderated for a while...
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Post by RichSBV »

Yes, we've been getting hit pretty good by spammers. :oops: Unfortunately, I just got out of the hospital and am not quite up to my usual maintenance...

At the moment, I really don't know how to limit new users from sending pm's so all I can do is delete the offending user and ban their IP and e-mail address from future use. They get around that pretty easily though.

If I can find a way to limit new user access to pm's, I'll implement it. I'm also looking into upgrading to ver 3 of the software. I have no idea thought if that can help? Right now things are moving slowly though.

So, sorry for the spams. I'm doing whatever I can to limit it. If anyone has any other ideas, let me know.On the brite side, it has generated some forum usage and reminded people that we're still here :?
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