Info about very early Graflex cameras?

May be temporary, but a forum for information on Graflex and Graphic serial numbers and dates.
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Info about very early Graflex cameras?

Post by DHF845 » Sat Jan 31, 2009 4:56 pm

RichSBV-I didn't intend on posting where I shouldn't.:oops:
Now I realize I need to start a new thread for serial number help. I hope I posted my cameras' serial numbers in the appropriate posting place.
I have one camera that's an anomaly: The "1906" Auto-Graflex, s.n. 8039. The almost circular (not octagonal) aperture plate is stamped "AUTO GRAFLEX FOLMER & SCHWING MFG. CO NEW YORK" in a half-circle around the winding-key. It wears a leather-covered bag mag that reads "GRAFLEX MAGAZINE Patented Aug.15, 1899 FOLMER & SCHWING COMPANY".
The accordion hood has the reflecting mirror mounted to the leather. It's fitted with a Goerz 'Celor' 6 inch lens marked in "U.S. Stops" 1.4 through 128. It has rack-and-pinion, bellows focusing front standard with a sliding lens door like the Tourist Graflex. It is definitely not the 1906 3-1/4 x 4-1/4 in. Auto Graflex Junior.
It really seems like it was made in NYC by the original company. How definite is it that the Auto Graflex wasn't produced until the company moved to Rochester?
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