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Nick: Bristol (Registered User)
Date/Time: Monday, August 18, 2003 at 10:18:07 AM
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Congratulations - South Bristol

On behalf of all the residents of the Bristol Hills and all the surrounding areas, as well as all others who come into the area to enjoy our last stronghold of nature, I would like to thank the Town Government of South Bristol for halting the exploitation of our unique and rare area. The courage of those involved in this landmark vote are to be congratulated on putting into law the will of its constituents. They should also be congratulated on having a vision toward the future and preserving an irreplaceable resource for future generations. These people should not be forgotten in their future bids for public office. So too, should the words and deeds of those members of the town government, who would have sold out the town for potential personal gain, be remembered in their future political endeavors.

It is now hoped that all the surrounding towns will take equally courageous positions on this wind farm exploitation by passing similar laws that ensure that the wind power experiments are placed in more appropriate areas of the state.

It may turn out that this is only the beginning of the fight, but it is an important first step toward preserving this unique treasure for all posterity.

Terry Docteur

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